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a) Number of Pages:


 b) Number of Books  (41 court + 3 Petitioner + 3 Respondent + 1 ) (enter 48 or more):


c) 6x9 Formatting Required or Photo Ready: 


d) Court filing fee for Certiorari Petition  300 or Rehearing  200: 


e) Proof Of Service 50: 




Petition for Writ of Certiorari


 See United States Supreme Court Rules

Petiton For Writ of Certiorari

Email The Following Documents in PDF Format :

     *1.  Petition for Writ of Certiorari to be filed (email a PDF file).

     *2.  United States Court of Appeals Opinion  (Federal District court grant of  interlocutory appeal) or State Supreme Court   denying relief (email a PDF file).

     *3.  United States District Court Memorandum Opinion and Order (grant of motion to dismiss, summary judgment or order being appealed) (email a PDF file).

     *4.  List of Addresses for Proof Of Service.

     *5.  A Certificate of Compliance with a "word count ' will need to be signed


     5. Orders Denying Rehearing (email PDF file).

     6. Declarations, motions filed, and evidence (email a PDF file).

The court documents  are usually easy to obtain in PDF.  If you have PACER you can log in to the case, open the docketed DOCUMENT  and save them as PDF files.   Your  Writ of Certiorari  DOCUMENT may be published  with Microsoft Word which makes the document a PDF file, protected. 

CALCULATOR INPUT Email your PDF documents for a quote or use the calculator ABOVE  

a)  Please count  how many pages that will go in to each booklet ( Petition for writ of Certiorari)

b)   Please enter 48 booklets or more because 40 copies and an original are sent to the court, 3 copies go to each Respondent 's (opposing counsel) , 3 to Petitioner's counsel and one to court to receive a stamped copy returned to petitioner's counsel.   For more parties PLEASE ADD 3 booklets for each additional respondent or petitioner represented by separate counsel;

c)  Choose "Unformatted" or "photo ready": Unformatted documents (Writ, orders and opinion) are still 8 1/2'  x 11" while Photo Ready are shrink to 6 1/8" x 9 1/4"; 

d)   Include $ 300.00 "Petitioner for Writ Certiorari filing fee" or $ 200.00 "Rehearing Filing fee" or chose "No" fee 

e)   Please include a $ 50.00 proof of service unless booklets are being sent to counsel for filing and service of process.  The $50.00 proof of Service is for 3 copies to be sent to opposing counsel (if more than two opposing counsel)  $ 20.00  will be added  for each additional proof of service. 

NOTE:  You may call for a quote.   For emails quotes and online orders please email all documents that will be included in the BOOKLET  in  "PDF" format.